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Product Specification:

Bright 887NS Semi-Automatic Professional Tyre Changer


  • Backward tilting mounting arm, with pneumatic locking mounting head
  • 2 speed turn table
  • 3-stage adjustable jaws
  • Bazooka Bead Breaker
  • 11"-26" Rims
  • AL390 Assist Arm
  • Additional mounting head for Run Flats
Do tyres play a crucial role in your company?
Then choose the BRIGHT 887NS, an automatic tire machine equipped with a backward tiling mounting arm with a pneumatic locking mounting head so you can work quickly and efficiently. The machine uses a large turntable with two speeds of 6.5 to 13 rev/min. The chuck jaws are adjustable in 3 positions for rims from 11" to 26" inches. The control pedals have a stop-move function that can make the chuck jaws stop at any position to easily tighten the rim. The powerful bead breaker uses a 200mm diameter bead pressure cylinder with a capacity of 2800kg of force and is extensively adjustable. This heavy duty premium model ensures smooth assembly and disassembly of virtually all passenger, vans and caravan/trailer wheels. The BRIGHT 887NS comes equipped with AL390 assist arms with a roller, a one hand, hand operated bead pressure tool, and an additional mounting head for mounting big and/or stiff tyres, or tyres such as SSR and Run Flat tyres. It can also be equipped with a plastic demount head to avoid damage to alloy wheels, and a motorcycle adapter kit for the mounting/demounting of motorcycle tyres. The machine comes with protection for the turntable, bead breaker, demount head, and a 1 year warranty! Colour may vary from image
You can purchase this product for: £3,495.00