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Product Specification:

NB38C/200 FM3 - 16A Stationary Air Compressor


  • Fitted with proven B38B single stage lubricated compressor pump unit
  • Advanced cooling system that directs cooling air to the head, valves and after-cooler for lower temperatures
  • Belt driven arrangement allows lower speed operation and reduced noise levels
  • Economical stop/start control
  • Fitted to a larger 200Lt Air Receiver to CE standards
  • High quality electric motor, 2.2kW (3Hp) 230v/1/50hz with full overload protection
  • Capacity 395L/min maximum displacement, pressure 10 Bar (145 psi)

NB38C/200 FM3. 2.2kW/3Hp 10 Bar, 200Lt Receiver, 230v
The NB 38C/200 CM3 is a popular workshop belt drive compressor suitable for various applications. The proven design ensures reliability and continued performance. Ideal for workshops and applications limited to a 230v power supply,

You can purchase this product for: £1,200.00